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Niraineer Technologies is started by a committed team of experienced professionals in the field of software development and services for the purpose of creating value to its customers through their products and services.Our bouquet of offerings include products and services such as ERP, CRM, CMS, Banking, Mobile, Enterprise Application, Analytics, Cloud and Automated testing.

Tech Rescue

Niraineer can rescue your flagship product by refactoring it and injecting it with the latest social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to help you reach new levels of engagement in today’s digitally driven marketplace. The idea is to extend the workforce beyond traditional organisational boundaries and drive next generation innovation. We clearly understand changing customer needs and strive to redefine the way people use the Internet for access, content and commerce.

Digital & IoT Innovation Lab

Get a dedicated team of seasoned engineers that will quickly build a variety of short-term digital products for you to help burn through your delivery backlog and showcase the latest best practices in digital development. Rapid digitization is redefining the way companies interact with their customers & stakeholders across the value chain and disrupting conventional business models. Rising customer expectations, an evolving & competitive business landscape, and increasing process automation are putting unprecedented pressure on organizations to rethink their digital strategies.

DevOps Automation

It’s not enough to just build great software fast, you have to get it to the marketplace quickly, too. DevOps automation is the way to do that systematically and reliably. “Continuous” is one word that you would often hear again and again in any discussion around DevOps. Almost everything in DevOps is continuous: be it continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous delivery, continuous testing and so on.

Our Services

We use the latest Social, Mobile, Analytics, & Cloud (SMAC) technologies to help organizations digitally transform themselves and their offerings in order to meet customers’ real-time needs and expectations. By taking advantage of these advanced technologies, NNS can help you create digital products that add new value to your business, bringing you fresh opportunities for revenue and growth.

Digital Readiness Assessment – Organizational

Is your company’s technology organization prepared to enter the fast-paced world of revenue-generating digital products?
We conduct a 4-week investigation of your organization to measure its capacities in Agile and DevOps methods and tools. We assess your development and operations practices to identify exactly where you can improve in order to operate at the ‘digital speeds’ necessary to win modern customers. Then we lay out the precise steps and action items that will enable you to compete at this caliber.

Time Box POC

We help you quickly prove that your digital product idea is a viable, worthwhile one and that it is technologically feasible.
Take advantage of our broad digital expertise as we craft a Proof-Of-Concept that will be the basis for your newest compelling digital product. Our quick, time-box format is a low-risk way for you to get a working prototype in a matter of weeks at minimal cost. Receive tangible results with which to make key decisions about the digital steps that will launch your business forward.

First Project

We help you build digital products that can open a new market or preserve customer loyalty using creative technologies. Our digital experts help you utilize the latest social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies to build an innovative digital offering that you will love. Our use of agile development methods means we produce deliverables fast, are flexible to your changing requirements, and will deliver your product on-time to meet your goals. See how good we are and how great an impact we can make on your critical software initiatives.

Digital Innovation Lab

Get a dedicated NNS digital team focused on innovating and engineering a whole suite of next-generation products A team of digital technologists with hard-to-find skillsets will execute all your strategic digital innovations while demonstrating to your staff our best practices in Agile and DevOps. With our QuickStart Package, we will help you choose up to 3 impactful POC projects that we’ll rapidly build over a 6-month period using agile principles, so you can get results fast and tangibly exhibit to your organization the benefits of executing on these innovations.

DevOps Evaluation

Just as Agile is essential to rapid development, an effective DevOps practice is critical to moving software quickly into production. NNS can give you a detailed understanding of how a DevOps automation suite would benefit your product, analyzing your software, your development team, and your operations team and practices. From there, we advise you on how to implement a DevOps practice to dramatically improve future releases of your products, making the handoff between your development and operations teams a seamless one.

DevOps Automation

We help you build out your DevOps automation suite to automate the provisioning and deployment of your product With our expertise, we will help you select and implement the right DevOps tools that will enable the automated provisioning, building, deployment, and monitoring of development, test, and production environments. We help you set up an effective DevOps practice to accelerate, improve, and transform the way you deploy quality software to your market.


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My Apartment

At My Apartment, our vision is to create a better everyday life for the residents.

Smart GL

Specially designed best software for Gold Loan Finance Management.


Smart solutions for better outcomes.

Easy to Customize

Best Ways to Customize Your Technology, Both Inside and Out


Open Source    Business complexities are growing by the day with demands for richer functionalities increasing on the one hand and enterprise budgets shrinking on the other. There is, thus, need for organizations to seek agile, innovative and cost-effective alternatives such as Open Source technologies.

Angular2 Module:

Google place auto complete is a directive.

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Fack Local Storage:

This library address, safari private mode issue with local storage. Safari won’t allow to use localstorage in private mode, such case it will break application. Using this library we can resolve it.

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NG2 Dynamic Form Module:

It is a plug and play module for form contraction. It has all kind of validation and verification.

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